Carpentier Hardwood Solutions

Edit Carpentier Hardwood Solutions: oak logs, oak beams, waney-edged boards and square-edged boards Carpentier Hardwood Solutions has been a specialist in European oak for more than 50 years now. We deliver a wide selection of processed wood, such as oak logs, oak beams, waney-edged boards and square edged boards. A few years ago we started to offer all-in-one solutions as well, including timber cladding, wooden decking boards, timber framed buildings, oak parquet flooring, oak roof boards and wooden fencing. Our customers are active in different sectors, such as the parquet, staircase and furniture industry. Furthermore, we act as supplier to kitchen manufacturers, wood businesses, interior decoration companies and deck constructors.


Abeeldreef 15, 8760 Meulebeke
Flandra de Vest, Belgia
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