Spruce prices in Tyrol stable in January

februarie 02, 2018
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In its monthly market report, the Forestry Agency of Tyrol notes that the demand of the Austrian sawmill industry remains high in the face of a growing overall economy and brisk construction activity. After the calamities of last year and a corresponding reluctance of the forest owners in logging, the reported amounts of harvested logs rose again in January and are well above those of December.

Roundwood prices list in Tyrol; January 2018: 

  1. Spruce sawlogs - quality class B/C; 2a-3b: € 90.00 / m³, -0.541%
  2. Spruce sawlogs- quality class Cx: 64,36 €/m³
  3. Soft firewood: 31.79 € / m³, +10.2%

Other assortments: The necessary minimum volume of 1,000 m³ and the number of at least 5 sales lots were not reached in the other assortments.

Roundwood price index in Tyrol:

January 2018: 137.844%; The monthly index remained stable in January with an average price of € 90.49 / m³ (-0.541%).