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Ghana's wood products exports rise sharply

Ghana's Forestry Commission’s Timber Industry Development Division (TIDD) has reported export contracts for a volume of 164,759 cu.m were processed and approved during the fourth of 2017... [mai mult...]

U.S.: Softwood and panel markets - Week 14, 2018

A mix of trends prevailed in trading of framing lumber. While last week’s rally in Canadian S-P-F settled back into a calmer and quieter pace, sales of Coast dry and Southern Pine picked up. ... [mai mult...]

Europe has the highest wood fiber costs in the world

Hardwood pulp manufacturers in Europe have some of the highest wood fiber costs in the world despite prices for hardwood pulplogs having trended downward in most key markets on the continent over the past five years.... [mai mult...]

U.S.: Softwood and panel markets - Week 13, 2018

A mix of trends in prices of framing lumber emerged across producing regions. Trends varied based on species, product groups, and even volumes sold. Gains were most pronounced in Western S-P-F, with #2&Btr 2x4 standing out; mill prices surged $20-30 for the week... [mai mult...]

Switzerland: Wood pellet price falls slightly in April

The retail prices for wood pellets of the quality ENplus A1 in Switzerland have declined in April due to seasonal factors. At the end of the heating season... [mai mult...]

James Jones & Sons to upgrade its Aboyne sawmill

James Jones & Sons has announced a major upgrade at the company’s Aboyne sawmill.... [mai mult...]


Sylva Wood 2018: More than just a wood materials show

Sylva Wood is returning for its fourth edition to become the one-stop destination in bringing furniture and flooring manufacturers, as well as traders and importers together to exchange ideas and insights... [mai mult...]

Ltd Gorodnik receives certification by BM TRADA

Ltd Gorodnik has received FSC-100% certificate and on February 8, 2018 it was certified by the BM TRADA company in accordance with the EN 14080:2013 with strength class GL24H. ... [mai mult...]

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Crestere de 9,8 % a indicelui busteanului de gater la nivel global in 2017. In topul cresterilor se situeaza si Europa de Est

În intervalul 4Q / 17- trimestru IV din 2017, Global Sawlog Price Index (GSPI) a crescut cu 1% față de trimestrul precedent pentru a ajunge la puțin peste 76 $ / m3. Aceasta a fost cea de-a patra crestere consecutiva in trimestrul patru, in timp ce GSPI a crescut cu 9,8% intr-un an. Prețurile busteanului au crescut în mod universal raportat in dolari americani în 2017, cea mai mare creștere fiind înregistrată în... [ mai mult...]

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