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  • aprilie 20, 2018 14:52

GTC German Timber Company GmbH with new ownership

Western Coast Enterprise Ltd (WCE), from Vancouver, BC, Canada, aquired GTC’s main shares end of March 2018. GTC sells European and American hardwood and softwood logs and lumber to customers in Middle and Far Eastern markets. WCE is manufacturing and trading ...... [mai mult...]

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  • aprilie 20, 2018 10:24

China: Quarantine for imported logs from Japan

According to Zhejiang Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, 11 insects pests have been found in logs imported from Japan through Huzhou Port... [mai mult...]

  • Preţurile pieţei
  • aprilie 19, 2018 14:10

Germany: Producer prices for wood products in February again with a clear upward trend

After a stagnation period in December and January, German producer prices for commercial wood products in February show a clear upward trend... [mai mult...]

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  • aprilie 19, 2018 13:06

Södra almost doulbes the operationg profit for Q1/2018

Södra reported highly robust operating profit of SEK 938 million (490) for the first quarter of 2018, up more than 90 percent compared with the year-earlier period... [mai mult...]

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  • aprilie 19, 2018 12:50

EP backs national CO2 cuts and forestry plans to meet Paris climate targets

CO2 emitted by transport, farming, buildings and waste must be cut by 30% across the EU; CO2 emitted and absorbed by forestry and land use must balance out, by 2030... [mai mult...]

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  • aprilie 19, 2018 10:19

Chinese Ministries merged – a new State forestry and Grassland Administration

As a result of the most recent national institutional reform a State Forestry and Grassland Administration (SFGA) has been established replacing the State Forestry Administration (SFA)... [mai mult...]

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  • aprilie 19, 2018 09:54

Ghana/ EU test FLEGT license shipment

Late last year Ghana tested the Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade (FLEGT) licensing system for timber export to Europe... [mai mult...]

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  • aprilie 18, 2018 10:49

Komatsu acquires Swedish Oryx Simulations

Komatsu Forest acquired Oryx Simulations, based in Umeå, Sweden. Komatsu Forest and Oryx Simulation share a long history. During the 1990s a project was started by Komatsu Forest and Umeå University that was the starting point for Oryx Simulations... [mai mult...]

  • Special
  • aprilie 17, 2018 19:17

Crestere de 9,8 % a indicelui busteanului de gater la nivel global in 2017. In topul cresterilor se situeaza si Europa de Est

În intervalul 4Q / 17- trimestru IV din 2017, Global Sawlog Price Index (GSPI) a crescut cu 1% față de trimestrul precedent pentru a ajunge la puțin peste 76 $ / m3. Aceasta a fost cea de-a patra crestere consecutiva in trimestrul patru, in timp ce GSPI a crescut cu 9,8% intr-un an. Prețurile busteanului au crescut în mod universal raportat in dolari americani în 2017, cea mai mare creștere fiind înregistrată în... [mai mult...]

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  • aprilie 17, 2018 14:00

Brazil: Deforestation rate declines in 2017

According to the Ministry of Environment, deforestation continues to fall in the Amazon. After increases in deforestation rates in 2015 and 2016 there was a 16% reduction in 2017... [mai mult...]

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