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  • Panele
  • martie 29, 2017 16:44

US: EPA to postpone formaldehyde regulation

EPA has recently issued a notice specifying its intention to delay the effective date of five EPA regulations, including the formaldehyde regulation, to May... [mai mult...]

  • Silvicultură
  • martie 29, 2017 13:01

Chinese buyers rush to Vietnam due to logging bans

Many Chinese businesses have hurried to Vietnam to buy wood because their government closed the natural forests in 14 provinces. Thus, almost 90% of the timber in the Central Highlands has been sold to Chinese.... [mai mult...]

  • Silvicultură
  • martie 29, 2017 11:47

Chinese shipment to US fails quarantine regulations because of crating

According to Ningbo Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau in Zhejiang Province, both the volume and value of wood products exports by manufacturers based in Ningbo City increased in 2016 and the value of wood product exports topped US$410 million... [mai mult...]

  • Prelucrare primară
  • martie 29, 2017 10:58

Tembec announces large investment for its Quebec facilities

Tembec announced on the 24th of March a four-year $136 million capital investment program in its Québec facilities to improve competitiveness, centered on its specialty cellulose pulp operation at the Temiscaming manufacturing site.... [mai mult...]

  • Lemn şi energie
  • martie 29, 2017 10:27

Biomass Pellets Trade & Power summit to be held in Tokyo on 15-18 May

To be held in Tokyo on 15-18 May, the 8th edition of renowned Biomass Pellets Trade & Power summit promises latest updates on North Asia's biomass capacities, raw material imports, feedstock price trends and stiff competition between wood chips/pellet sellers from SE Asia, Europe and North America.... [mai mult...]

  • Preţurile pieţei
  • martie 29, 2017 10:26

Switzerland: pellet prices slightly down in March 2017

The price for pellets in Switzerland decreased by 1.22% year-on-year in March 2017 and equalled... [mai mult...]

  • Preţurile pieţei
  • martie 29, 2017 09:32

US home buyers affected by rising softwood lumber prices

The composite price of framing lumber used in house construction increased by 14% in the first three weeks of February according to Random Lengths a trade magazine.... [mai mult...]

  • Prelucrare primară
  • martie 29, 2017 08:21

Dropping hardwood consumption in Europe

The downward hardwood consumption trend is partly due to falling availability on the supply side – with hardwood harvesting levels constrained within the EU and a large share of the better quality European logs now being exported to China and other Asian countries, a problem compounded by the very heavy focus on European oak which is also in strong demand in the barrel staves market.... [mai mult...]

  • Panele
  • martie 29, 2017 07:11

Armstrong Flooring's sales reached $271.7 million in 4Q/2016

In the 4Q 2016, Armstrong Flooring's net sales were $271.7 million compared to $280.1 million in the 4Q 2015, as a result of declines in both Resilient and Wood segment net sales. Excluding the impact of foreign exchange, net sales were down 2.8%, compared to the prior year quarter.... [mai mult...]

  • Revista presei
  • martie 29, 2017 00:00

Raport monitorizare presa Fordaq 2017 - 3 - 29

... [mai mult...]

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COMUNICAT DE PRESĂ    -   Reprezentanții domeniului pădurilor si industriei lemnului: „Gata cu reclama proasta!”

COMUNICAT DE PRESĂ - Reprezentanții domeniului pădurilor si industriei lemnului: „Gata cu reclama proasta!”

Cu ocazia Zilei Naționale a Pădurilor ,organizații reprezentative ale proprietarilor de păduri,administrației silvice, sectorului de exploatare si prelucrare a lemnului, industriei mobilei alături de ONG-uri se intalnesc la Bucuresti, marti, 28 martie, pentru a dezbate principalele mituri care planeaza la momentul actual asupra domeniului pădurilor si industriei lemnului, vor discuta starea pădurilor si se va pune bazele constituirii unui for de dialog. Constantin Tobescu, vicepresedintele Federatiei Proprietarilor de Păduri din România - Nostra Silva, precizează: „Este nevoie de o dezbatere profesionistă privind starea pădurilor si a industriei lemnului, folosind informatii credibile si de referintă. Doar astfel putem inlătura din perceptia publică greselile si miturile conform carora rămânem fără păduri, fără oxigen, exportăm busteni si industria e neproductivă. Această abordare emotională, bazată pe mituri, a ajuns să facă rău pădurilor si industriei lemnului”.... [ mai mult...]

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