Transport Rutier Cherestea

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Tip Transport Rutier
Țara de origine Austria
Țara de destinație Italia
Produs Cherestea


Volumul 150000.0 - 200000.0 camioane pe an
Greutate 20.0 - 25.0 ton
Application as forwarding partner!

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!

Are you looking for fast, flexible and individual solutions?
Then, with 20 years of professional experience, we are the right contact person and would like to apply to you as a freight forwarding partner.
Not only on the road, but also on all matters relating to modern transport and efficient logistics, paired with care and highest precision.

Our destinations range from Europe, the Near East, Russian Federation to the Baltic States and Scandinavia!
We have everything under control and you have our entire attention!
A simple corporate structure allows us to react quickly to your needs.
During the entire process, we stand by your side and ensure absolute transparency.
Exact calculations in advance are your guarantee for optimal offers.

Our 40-member team will provide you with the best service possible.
In the name of the three brothers Franz, Peter & Thomas Häupl, we would be glad to win you soon as new customers.

Best regards,

Für unsere speditionellen Leistungen gelangen ausschließlich die Allgemeinen Österreichischen Spediteurbedingungen (AÖSp), in der jeweils letzten Fassung, kundgemacht im Amtsblatt zur Wiener Zeitung, zur Anwendung, für unsere Beförderungsleistungen im internationalen und nationalen Straßengüterverkehr die CMR, wobei ergänzend die AÖSp als vereinbart gelten. Für diese Leistungen gelten als Wahlgerichtsstände gemäß Art. 31 CMR Amsterdam und London als vereinbart. Gerichtsstand Linz/Österreich. Firmenbuch Linz FN 145262 x, UID: ATU *****

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