Vindem Scaune Sufragerie Contemporan Foioase Europene Fag, Mesteacăn, Stejar in Shandong

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Tip Scaune sufragerie
Originea China
Regiunea Shandong
Stil Contemporan
Tip material principal Foioase europene
Material principal Fag, Mesteacăn, Stejar


Volumul 1 - 20 Containere 20' Spot - o dată
Certificare FSC
Standard sau normă CE
Our group has a furniture manufacturing company located in Shandong, this company which specialized in wooden furniture supply to all over the world.The company was founded since 2001, for the past 16 years has been involved in manufacture and supply of furniture to our customers which from all over the world.Our client list is extremely wide, and our products are supplied to large international furniture group, like IKEA, Ashley, Hans, Dura global and Marker furnishings etc.
Whatever your furnishing requirements, we always has the right product to suit both your style and your budget. Our aim has always been to provide quality products at competitive prices.If you'd like to find out more about the products, or arrange a visit to our factory, feel free to contact us - we'd be happy to help you.

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