Vindem Foioase Europene Fag in RNO-Alania

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Tip Table
Originea Rusia
Regiunea RNO-Alania
Stil Classic
Tip material principal Foioase europene
Material principal Fag


Volumul 400 - 4000 bucăţi Spot - o dată
Dimensiuni 1750; 850; 780
Culoare Dark walnut, walnut, teona, wenge, white, ivory, milky, white gloss, milky gloss,
Certificare 9403
Standard sau normă EAC
Descriere The table-top is rectangular, the base is MDF, the facing is plastic, from 2 sides with sliced ​​veneer.
The outer edges are decorated with a decorative perimeter profile.
The inner edges are not veneered.
The design of the table allows the use of folding inserts measuring 400x425 - 2 pcs.
To fold the inserts, UNI (butterfly) hinges, made in Germany, are used, which ensure the durability of the product.
The synchronous sliding mechanism, with built-in latches, ensures smooth sliding of the half-covers, without visible efforts, it is enough to release the lock with a simple finger press, open the half-covers, remove the inserts from the underframe and install them between the half-covers.
The use of this mechanism allows you to quickly expand and fold the tabletop, which simplifies assembly and improves its appearance. Permissible load - 60kg.
The sliding mechanism guarantees durability and high quality.
Manufactured in Thailand.
Curbstones-2 pcs. , cylindrical in shape, giving elegance to this table, are located symmetrically in the center of the table, interconnected by a projectile and 4 curly legs, at the bottom ends of which there are adjustable legs, making it possible to level the height of the table with uneven floors.
The details have a highly artistic relief profile, give the product a graceful look and create maximum comfort when sitting at the table.
The parts are made of solid beech, which are processed on Italian high-precision machining centers.

Preţ şi condiţii

Prețul 449 USD pe bucăţi
Incoterm EXW - franco uzina Țara Rusia Regiunea RNO-Alania
Data limită livrare Disponibil la comandă în mai mult de 30 de zile
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