Vindem Glulam-grinzi Drepte Brad Portugalia

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Tipul Glulam-grinzi drepte
Tipul speciei Rășinoase europene
Specii Brad (Abies alba)


Volumul 2 Containere 40' pe lună
Grosimea grinzilor 40-200 mm
Latimea birnei 80 mm
Lungimea birnei 2-13 in
Descriere These beams made of fir/ white skin laminated and glued wood, are made of several lamellas of 40mm thick, glued on horizontal, to obtain a major sections diversity (it can reach almost 2 m high). They are also joined by finger-joint, to obtain larger lengths (usually around 13 meters).
Therefore, they are used for advanced and demanding constructions as an alternative to steel and concrete, allowing configuring the interior spaces on multiple shapes.
These beams are commercialized in two qualities, visual and industrial and they are classified in resistance categories:
GL24/BS11, GL28/BS14, GL32/BS16 or GL36/BS18. These could be H-Homogenous or K/C Combined.
Deliver until 72 working hours, for in stock glulam beams.

Preţ şi condiţii

Prețul La cerere EUR pe ft3
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