Vindem Grinzi Pentru Construcţii (KVH) Molid Republica Ceha

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Tipul Grinzi pentru construcţii (KVH)
Tipul speciei Rășinoase europene
Specii Molid


Volumul 45 - 48 m3 pe lună
Grosimea grinzilor 60 mm
Latimea birnei 80 mm
Lungimea birnei 3; 4; 5; 8; 13 m
Densitate 440-470 kh/m3
Umiditate 15 %
Tratament Netratat
Clei EN 385
Finisare 4-sided sanded with bevels
Utilizare finala construction
KVH and BSH prisms are considered to be entirely natural building materials.
With their excellent properties, they are thoroughly used as an alternative to classic building and construction lumber.
The massif can show defects, and its dimensions are limited.
On the other hand, KVH and BSH do not limit the builder's prisms in any way.
Thanks to the shortening and the subsequent length adjustment by a toothed joint (or by layering blanks), prisms of almost any parameters can be obtained.
They are especially suitable for wooden structures and load-bearing elements of wooden buildings.
What is suitable for: wooden structures, wooden buildings, roofs, ceilings, sheds, gazebos, pergolas, garden architecture.

Preţ şi condiţii

Prețul La cerere EUR pe m3
Incoterm EXW - franco uzina Țara Republica Ceha Regiunea Prague
Data limită livrare Disponibil la comandă în mai mult de 30 de zile
Oferta vizibilă în: Toată lumea


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