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Tip Rotary valve / Zawór obrotowy
Originea Polonia
Regiunea Wielkopolska/ The Wielkopolska region
Numele produsului FZC-500-7-NZ (non ATEX / bez ATEX)


Tip material principal Carbon steel
Volumul 1 - 1 bucăţi Spot - o dată
Rotary Valve FZC-500-7-NZ (non ATEX / bez ATEX) for Bulk Solids Conveying
- wide discharge opening: 350 x 500 mm
- motor: 0,75 kW
- rotation speed: 21 rot/min
- max theoretical efficiency: 103 m3/h
- efficiency at 50% load: 52 m3/h
- up to three times higher efficiency when compared to the valves available on the market
- 6 mm thick rubber blades made of high strength and abrasive-resistant materials, with additional reinforcement
- the rotor produced in welding technology and reinforced with the use of additional bulkhead connectors – wider discharge chambers between the blades
- chain clutch – higher stability
- equipped with a protective casing for the motroreducer as standard
- mild start-up at valve working initiation
- easy maintenance including demounting of the motoreducer and replacement of rubber blades
- modular structure enables extension
- spare parts availibility from the warehouse in Poland
Weight: 130 kg

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