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Tipul de categorie Linii de producție complete
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Starea articolului Second Hand
Data fabricației 2000
Volumul 1
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  • Descriere machine reference: 391 / A Delta production line, designed for large pallets 1400mm x 1400mm max mini 800mm x 800mm Type: DP 560 Machine inclined at 60 ° The line supports the pallet from the rear outlet of the nailing machine to the pallet stack exit station. The pallet passes successively, to the discharge station, to the stacking station. The processed formats will be 800x800 MINI and 1400x1400 MAXI. The operator works in the best conditions Ergonomic working conditions For loading and especially unloading operations of finished pallets * This machine is mainly intended for the assembly of 4-entry pallets or the assembly of 2-entry pallets. Optional automatic evacuation evacuates the pallet on a rear finishing and stacking line Other applications developed by our customers and their specific needs: Various pallets, Garden barriers, Gratings, Wood frame panels for chalets or houses Cadence Maxi Machine 60 4-entry pallets I Hours Example of production according to Formats, Weight, and No. of boards * 4-entry pallets: 280 to 400 I day I operator * 2-entry pallets: 240 to 300 I day / 1 operator • Transfer stations at 90 ° in line The station consists of an inclined mechanically-welded upper frame on which are mounted insane metal rollers of great thickness mounted on bearings. 2 roller ramps are interposed at a center distance of 600mm and located at a level lower than the idle rollers lift pneumatically to remove the pallet after pivoting. A fixed lateral referencing square re-centers the pallet on the conveyor. This then goes to the stacker. The stacker is made up of 3 working areas * the depositing area * the stacking area * the stack discharge area The stacker includes 2 side cheeks adjustable in spacing and slide on nylon pads in the lower frame. The cheeks have pickup fingers on which the stack of pallets rests. A frame located between the 2 chains lifts the pallet under the stack to the height of the fingers. The frame is guided by translation columns and actuated by a pneumatic cylinder. 2 lateral ramps guide the pallet from removal to stacking. 2 adjustable stops stop the pallet for stacking. Their spacing is adjustable for the nesting of pallets. 4 entries with skids. The motorized collector conveyor and controlled in cycles by the PLC. It consists of a braced tubular structure. The transfer level is 300 mm the center distance of the chains is 600mm its admissible load is 1.5 tons / step of 1500mm A stack storage conveyor r guarantees continuity of operation without the immediate use of a forklift for the evacuation of the stack exiting the stacker. The entire line is managed by a programmable logic controller. The different possible modes of use are accessible by the micro terminal of the nailing machine. The machine or line use is changed by a rotary selector located on the nailing machine. The different modes are: - With or Without Marking (Not supplied) - Production or not of half-stack (for thin-board pallets) - Certain parameters are adjustable such as timers or counters (Ex: Pallet / stack counter). The connection between the central cabinet located on the machine and the distribution boxes are made with "Harting" type quick connectors Info: This line is from 2004 (very good condition) Complete line with the Dehorner / turner / stacker / carpet assembly exit lattes. The machine will be available May June 2021 (Upon receipt of a new line) Possibility of seeing it in operation by then. - Translated with google

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