Vindem Linii De Producție Complete - Altele EWD LSH Schwinrahmen-Gatter / 500 Hub Nou Germania

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Tipul de categorie Linii de producție complete
Categorie Sawing Technology
Brand EWD
Model LSH Schwinrahmen-Gatter / 500 Hub


Starea articolului Nou
Data fabricației 2019
Volumul 1 - 5
Economical gate for use in small and medium-sized sawmills The robust design and easy operation All EWD gates are characterized by a mature and durable design: A clear machine structure with easily accessible modules makes it possible to easily maintain and maintain the machine. The gate swing can be exchanged without dismantling the stand. The stands consist of a stable, torsion-resistant cast construction. Crank pin and flywheel are made of a special steel. All parts, in particular the highly stressed stilts and frame beams, are subject to constant quality controls during production. The feed The gate is equipped with a hydraulic feed which can be infinitely adjusted over all ranges. The swing frame The LSH has a swing frame. In combination with the automatic overhang adjustment, extremely favorable cutting conditions are possible without pruning. The ejection of sawdust upwards is largely prevented and greatly facilitated the incision of strong wood. The rollers The rollers are split and / or equipped with easily replaceable trays. The main drive For the release operation the gate is equipped with fixed and empty disc. The hydraulics The lifting and lowering as well as the drive of the feed rollers is done hydraulically. The hydraulics are made up of standard parts, which are constructed on a modular basis. All components such as electric motors, pumps and valves are combined in a central hydraulics separate from the gate and easily accessible. The vibrating chute and the central lubrication have separate drives and can thus also be used when the machine is at a standstill. - Translated with google

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