Vindem Mese Contemporan Foioase Din Asia Teak

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Tip Mese
Stil Contemporan
Tip material principal Foioase din Asia
Material principal Teak


Volumul 200 - 400 bucăţi pe lună
Dimensiuni DIMENSION: L 180,220,240 cm x W 90cm x H 78cm
Descriere Combines the timeless beauty of reclaimed Teak Wood with the strength and resiliency of Stainless Steel to produce stunning designs and high performance furniture yet comfortable.
Perfect for heavy duty indoor use in a residential or a commercial setting.
Highly durable, robust and low maintenance furniture.
The top is made of Recycle Teak wood sourced from old houses or boats while the base is made of 8mm thick corrosion resistant stainless steel grade 304 plate.
The stainless steel base is fitted with adjustable abrasion resistant nylon stoppers to ensure high stability.
This table comes with three sizes.

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