Vindem Pin Rosu, Molid 22-75 mm Belarus

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Tipul speciei Rășinoase europene
Specii Pin rosu, Molid


Volumul 30 m3 Spot - o dată
Grosime 22-75 mm
Lățime 100-150 mm
Lungime 4,6 m
Standard folosit ТУ
Calitatea А , В
Uscarea Verde
In 2021, the modernization of the sawmill and woodworking shop was completed. The equipment was purchased from EWD, a leading European manufacturer of such production lines. It should be noted that this line is the only one of its kind in the Republic of Belarus. This production line makes it possible to eliminate manual labor as much as possible and to produce efficient sawing of wood raw materials. The new sawmill line is designed to process 100,000 m3 of raw material per year, almost twice as much as before.
The final price is set based on the results of exchange trading
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Prețul La cerere EUR pe m3
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