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It is used to break up lumps that have been produced during handling or processing, discharged from silos, bins or hoppers. granules contained (or formed) in sacks or Big Bags.
Only complete drawings are sold to build the equipment.
Lumps are generated by exposure to moisture, sudden changes in temperature, or compression.
Power: 3 HP (2.2 Kw)
Spindle Speed: 206 RPM
Number of Axes: 2 - Opposite Turn
Number of Blades: Drive Shaft: 20 - Drive Shaft: 19
Crushing Chamber: 375mm x 375mm / Height: 320mm
Flow: Minimum: 25 t / h (15 lb / s) - Maximum: 50 t / h (31 lb / s)
Equipment Weight: ~ 195 Kg
The design is by the well-known Ing Teodoro Kresisch, and you can buy the complete plans in pdf format. - Translated with google

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