Vindem Pardoseli Anti-derapante (2 Feţe) Pin Rosu, Molid Polonia

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Tip de lemn Lemn masiv
Tipuri de lemn masiv Rășinoase europene
Esenţă/material Pin rosu, Molid
Tip Pardoseli anti-derapante (2 feţe)


Volumul 40 - 300 m3 pe lună
Lățime 100-146 mm
Lungime 1000-6000 mm
Grosime 21-32 mm
Descriere Good afternoon! PRONIKGROUP is a group of companies consisting of two organizations. One of the companies is located in Belarus (Minsk), the second in Poland (Lublin). PRONIK GROUP is a producer and exporter of lumber from the Republic of Belarus for large processing enterprises for the production of wood and lumber.
We produce lumber of various sizes, carry out technical drying, planing and profiling of lumber. Next, we deliver to anywhere in the world with subsequent customs clearance.
At the moment, we are interested in receiving information about your need for lumber, its further production and delivery.
We also want to clarify which terms of delivery of incoterms will be preferable for you.
If it does not bother you, please send a drawing of the workpiece indicating the required dimensions. With this information, I can make a good commercial offer for you.
With the hope of mutually beneficial cooperation,

Preţ şi condiţii

Prețul 170-230 EUR pe m3
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