Vindem Pardoseli Anti-derapante (o Faţă) in Udine Italia

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Tip de lemn Lemn compozit
Originea Italia
Regiunea Udine
Tip Pardoseli anti-derapante (o faţă)


Volumul 1.000 - 40.000 m2 (sqm) pe lună
Lățime 30 cm
Lungime 30 cm
Grosime 28 mm
Descriere OUR TILE
WPC is a versatile and universal material and is applied in many product sectors. It is a material made of wood and plastic that takes on the best characteristics from both.
Our tile is produced with 100% recycled materials, both as regards the plastic and wood parts. It is a certified product both as regards raw materials and as regards the finished product.
Our tile is attentive to the environment: not only is it produced with recycled materials but it is also recyclable countless times. In fact, once its life cycle is over, it can be ground and another tile or similar product is produced again.
MADE IN ITALY This tile is entirely produced in Italy. It is 100% Italian both because it is produced in Italy and because the plastic and the wood base that are used are from post-consumption in our country.

• Terraces
• Garden
• Pool border
• Camminatoie
• BUILDING Public and private
• Sea and lakes
• Commercial spaces

- Sturdy
- Splinterproof (walkable with bare feet)
- Non-slip
- It doesn't freeze
- It does not deform in the sun
- Resistant to chemical and atmospheric agents
-Unassailable by insects

It is very easy to assemble thanks to its puzzle system. Assembly takes place without the use of tools; it does not require particular substructures but only a regular plan

They can be ordered in 3 different colors: BROWN, LIGHT GRAY and DARK GRAY.

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