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Țara Polonia
Activitatea companiei Producători de mobilă


Cifra anuala de afaceri 3000000 EUR
Center of Poland, a perfect place for a company headquarters.

A complex of commercial, production and warehouse buildings for sale

The facility is located on plots with registration numbers: 151,152,153,154,155, 157, 159,156 / 2,148 / 2,149 / 2,160 / 1 with a total area of 32,190 m2, located in the western part of the city of Wolbórz (Łódź Voivodeship) between Kitowicza and Reymonta streets

The property in question has the following buildings marked with numbers in the first photo:

1 - PORTIERIA, area development of 52.48 sq m. , area usable 33.50 sq m, brick building;

2 - PRODUCTION AND OFFICE BUILDING "A" area building development 1,474.85 sq m , area 1852 sq m of usable space, brick, roof covered with tar paper;

3 - HANGAR, warehouse building;

4 - OIL STORAGE, area building development of 103 sq m. , area 84 sq m of usable space, brick, roof covered with tar paper;

5 - OIL STORAGE II, area buildings 80, 41 sq m, area usable area 67, 09 sq m;

6 - HALL "B", PRODUCTION BUILDING, area building development 947 sq m, area usable area 967 sq m technologically connected with the ramp, hall "E" and hall "C";
The building was erected in 1995. 2-storey building (ground floor plus first-floor development of the part of the facility for social rooms for employees), without a basement. Concrete foundations (benches and feet) at a depth of approx. 1 m. The external walls are made of brick. The main wall structure is made of solid brick. The roof is made of a steel structure consisting of trusses, finished with a sandwich panel. Steel and wooden window and door joinery. The floor is made of stoneware and concrete. External walls not thermally insulated. The building has an electrical, plumbing and central heating installation. There are 4 emergency exits from the facility. Water for fire purposes is provided by the existing fire hydrants and a fire protection tank.

7- HALL "E" PRODUKCYJNA building area 1715 sq m, usable area 1690 sq m. The building was built in 1998 with a sandwich panel. Part of the external walls is a brick structure and a sandwich panel. The main structure of the facility is made of steel profiles. The roof is finished with a sandwich panel with a skylight PVC window joinery Industrial concrete floor External walls are thermally insulated (sandwich panel) The building has a central heating installation.

8 - HALL "C" WAREHOUSE AND WORKSHOP BUILDING, area building development 670 sq m. usable area of 624 sq m , cubature of 2721 sq m

10 - BOILER ROOM for solid fuel;

11 - STORAGE / MANEUVERY SQUARE, was established in the 20th century. It is located next to the container dryers on the west side. The surface is made of asphalt. The asphalt concrete mass and the crushed aggregate foundation are laid under the abrasive mass.

12 - TUNNEL, area 400 sq m

A silo (after a fire) plus a boiler room

The above-mentioned plots are connected with each other and form a trapezoidal complex. The area in 90 percent. the length of the borders with a concrete fence on the ground.

The property is located less than 2 km from the S 12 expressway.
Distances from the agglomeration:
Łódź 63 km
Warsaw 123 km
Katowice 174 km
Wroclaw 259 km
Krakow 249 km
Poznań 274 km
Tri-City 381 km
Szczecin 529 km

Residential real estate and agricultural areas are in the immediate vicinity.

The plots are flat, partially paved and fully fenced. The property has two entrances from municipal public roads.

There is a maneuvering yard, a ramp, and internal roads, a fire-fighting tank.


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Preţ şi condiţii

Prețul 1130000 EUR
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