Brazil: Most Mato Grosso forests covered by management plans

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The forest-based sector in Mato Grosso state, a large timber producing state, is committed to improving the sustainability of forest activities, seeking new markets and encouraging exports.

Data published by CIPEM (the Center for Timber Producers and Exporters of Mato Grosso State) show that 93% (262,500 hectares) of the legally logged areas in the state is covered by Sustainable Forest Management Plans (PMFS) approved by the State Environmental Secretariat.

Additionally, it has been reported that there was a significant drop in identified illegal forest activities.

The CIPEM report emphasises the contribution to the State of the forest sector which is supporting around 90,000 direct and indirect jobs, represents the fourth largest contributor to the state economy and produces around 13 million cu.m for domestic production.

In addition, sustainable forest management provides important environmental services, such as carbon sequestration and sustainable harvesting of non-timber products.

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