The next Passive House Conference will take place for the first time in China

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The next International Passive House Conference will take place in China. The 22nd Passive House Conference ended in Munich on Saturday evening and traditionally, Professor Wolfgang Feist announced the venue for the next conference: next year, the experts of energy-efficient construction and renovation will meet in the Chinese city of Gaobeidian. This is the first time the prestigious conference will take place outside Europe.

Construction industry is booming

"We are aware that this decision may surprise. But China is the country in which the largest new construction activities are currently taking place and also in the coming decades. Each new building brings with it an additional need for energy for heating and cooling. Therefore, it is very gratifying that China is making serious efforts to radically improve the energy efficiency of buildings. This increases the chances of achieving the climate protection goals worldwide, "explained Professor Wolfgang Feist from the University of Innsbruck.

Largest passive house settlement

The 23rd International Passive House Conference will take place on 21 and 22 September 2019. The city of Gaobeidian is located about 100 kilometers south of the Chinese capital Beijing in Hebei Province. Gaobeidian is currently developing a Passive House development, which will be the largest energy-efficient residential complex in the world after completion, with around one million square meters of living space.

Apartments can be visited

At the 23rd Passive House Conference, the first construction phase of the settlement will be completed. The apartments are then inhabited and can also be visited for Passive House meeting. There is also a guest house on site as well as a Passivhaus standard museum. In general, many new buildings are currently being built in China in the passive house standard, including Tianjin, Beijing and Qingdao.

Technology park

In order to promote energy efficiency in the construction industry, a technology park was also built in Gaobeidian. This park forms a basis for the construction industry in terms of component development and production as well as professional and scientific education. The decision to hold the next meeting in China was intended to support this development, explains the founder of the Passive House Institute (PHI) Prof. Wolfgang Feist.

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