European laminate flooring sector grows 2.74% in 2020 despite pandemic

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Despite special circumstances in 2020, Association of European Producers of Laminate Flooring (EPLF) has announced that their members were able to grow their business by 2.74% in comparison to 2019, with 459.0 million m² of flooring sold.

Considering that the pandemic brought the flooring industry to a near standstill in spring, European laminate flooring producers managed to overcome the recess rather quickly as global sales picked up speed and developed very positively over the rest of the year. Looking at the global markets, North America recorded the biggest increase in sales with +22.4% in comparison to 2019 and 49.1 million m² sold. The main driver for the major increase in sales in North America – and the general recovery of global sales figures – was most likely the popularity of renovation and do-it-yourself projects during the pandemic.

Another positive trend developed in Western Europe where total sales reached 225.7 million m² which represents an increase of +3.6% compared to 2019. As in the previous year, Germany remains the strongest market in Europe with sales of 52.7 million m² (+6.1% compared to 2019). Although both France and Great Britain sold 37.1 million m² of flooring, the growth rate in Great Britain (+13.7% compared to 2019) was much higher than in France (+1.6% compared to 2019). Similar to Great Britain, sales in the Netherlands increased by +13.8 % to 21.1 million m² of flooring. The only major country in Western Europe which experienced a decrease in sales was Spain (14.6 million m² sold, -12.8%).

Sales in Eastern Europe remained stable in comparison to 2019 (-0.2%, 134.8 million m² sold). Russia, the biggest market of the region, continued to grow in 2020 with 46.2 million m² of flooring sold (+5.6 % compared to 2019). Sales in Poland shrank by -6.6 % (29.0 million m² sold) while the Ukraine was able to defend its place among the top three markets in Eastern Europe with a growth rate of +1.1% in comparison to the previous year (10.4 million m² sold). Sales in Romania shrank by -4.9% (9.6 million m² sold) while the market in Hungary grew by +11.7% (7.7 million m² sold).

In North America, 49.1 million m² of flooring were sold, representing an increase of 22.4% in comparison to 2019. The US market experienced a major growth of +28.1% compared to 2019 (38.1 million m² sold) while Canada recorded an increase in sales of +6.1% (11.0 million m² sold). In all other regions, EPLF members reported decreases in sales. Asia recorded the greatest decrease with -11.9% (25.1 million m² sold). In Latin America, 14.1 million m² were sold (-10.1% compared to 2019), in Australia/Oceania 3.2 million m² (-10.7% compared to 2019) and in Africa 4.7 million m² (-5.6% compared to 2019).

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