Finland: Sharp fall in forest industry exports in 2020

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In January-November Finland's wood imports totalled 11.56 million cubic metres and increased by seven per cent compared to same period previous year. In November 2020 wood imports totalled 1.03 million cubic metres, according to the Finish Natural Forest Institue (Luke).

Of imported wood in January-November 2020, 54 per cent was pulpwood and 35 per cent chips. Compared to the same period previous year the imports of pulpwood decreased by one per cent and of chips increased by 14 per cent, Luke reports.

Of the Finnish imported wood in January-November 77 per cent originated from Russia. Next most was imported from Estonia and Latvia both with nine per cent share of wood imports.

In November 2020, the exports value of Finland's forest industry products totalled EUR 0.87 billion. In January-November the exports value of forest industry products totalled in real terms EUR 9.48 billion. Compared to the same period previous year the exports value decreased by 15 per cent (deflated using wholesale price index). The exports value of Finnish wood-products industries decreased by nine per cent to EUR 2.28 billion and pulp and paper industries decreased by 17 per cent to EUR 7.20 billion.

In the same period almost with all the most important Finnish forest industry products both exports values and volumes decreased. The exports value and volume of sawn goods decreased by a tenth. The exports value of bleached sulphate pulp decreased by 23 per cent and the exports volume by eight per cent. For magazine paper the exports value decreased by a fair third and volume 30 per cent. The exports value for fine paper decreased by 31 per cent and volume 28 per cent from previous year. The export value of paperboard did not change but the exports volume decreased by one per cent.

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