Finland: export and import of wood products in 2017

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The real export value of the Finnish forest industry products totalled EUR 12.13 billion in 2017 (deflated using whole sale price index, 1949=100), reports Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke) in its statistics report.

Export value of the Finnish sawn goods and plywood increased by 5% from previous year. The export value of pulp industry products also increased by 5%. The export value of paper decreased by 9%. The export value of paperboard increased by 6% and converted paper and paperboard products’ export value decreased by 1% compared to the previous year (deflated using whole sale price index, 1949=100).

In 2017, the Finnish wood imports totaled 8.62 million m3 which indicates a decrease by 12% over the previous year. Pulpwood imports totalled 4.84 million m3 and decreased by 18%. Log imports totalled 0.67 million m3. The amount of log imports decreased by 23%. Chips imports (2.67 mill. m³) increased by 8% over the previous year. In December, the amount of wood imports was smallest in 2017. Wood imports totalled 0.55 million m3.

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