Klausner Lumber Two might open in April this year

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Klausner Lumber Two will open around April 2018, as the company informed the Halifax County Board of Commissioners.

At the beginning of January, the Commissioners toured the facility and learned of how the plant has planned on cutting the logs into distinct individual pieces using more than a mile of machinery. They also learned that Klausner Lumber Two has planned to sell almost each part of a log, from the wooden boards to the shavings and bark, the Daily Herald informed.

The site is about 85-90% complete. "I’m optimistic, and I think it’s going to happen March or April of 2018 as they have indicated,” Board Chairman Vernon Bryant said during the visit, referring to the fact that the mill was previously planned on opening in the summer.

Yet, the lack of lumber for the mill in the log yard of the facility interfered with the company's Florida site. Thomas Mende, the secretary of the company, spoke directly to the Board of Commissioners at its Dec. 4 meeting in Halifax and informed that the plant needed large piles of logs of the same size, which allowed the processing of numerous lumber without having to adjust equipment for different size logs.

“Florida fixed those issues,” Mende said. “Now it runs the way we wanted it to run five months ago.”

The equipment at the Enfield facility is similar, Mende said. The company wanted to avoid the same problems, and now they have slated to have technicians come to start testing the mill equipment in Enfield in the second week of January. He added the company hopes to have the mill operational by March or April, the Daily Herald reported.Mende said the mill when operational will employ about 120-150 people per shift. At first, there will be one shift, then months later the second shift would join the fold and eventually a third shift.

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