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  • Preţurile pieţei
  • mai 24, 2022 11:30

German wood price index for wooden packaging rises slightly in May 2022

The monthly price index for sawn timber and wood-based materials for wooden packaging and pallets recorded a lower increase in most product ranges in May 2022 than in the previous month.... [mai mult...]

  • Celuloză şi hârtie
  • mai 17, 2022 12:13

Stora Enso completes divestment of Russian operations

Stora Enso has managed to divest the last of its Russian operations, three corrugated packaging plants, to local management.... [mai mult...]

  • Paleţi - Alte ambalaje 
  • mai 11, 2022 10:49

Mondi breaks ground on new Kuopio mill in Finland

Mondi, a global leader in sustainable packaging and paper, continues to make progress on its previously announced Euro 125 million investment to expand and upgrade its Kuopio mill in Finland with expected start-up by the 4Q 2023.... [mai mult...]

  • Statistici
  • mai 10, 2022 14:38

Record EPAL pallet production in 2021

The European Pallet Association e.V. (EPAL) maintained the continuous growth of the EPAL Euro pallet pool in 2021. The record result of 101.3 million new EPAL Euro pallets represents a year-on-year growth of 5.5 % ... [mai mult...]

  • Silvicultură
  • aprilie 07, 2022 12:20

Sales in the German timber industry increased sharply in January 2022

The official figures for sales in the German timber industry in January 2022 were significantly higher than in the previous year. ... [mai mult...]

  • Prelucrare primară
  • martie 29, 2022 09:56

German wood price index for wooden packaging increased more strongly in March 2022

The monthly price index for sawn timber and wood-based materials for wooden packaging and pallets in Germany developed significantly more dynamically in March 2022.... [mai mult...]

  • Celuloză şi hârtie
  • martie 17, 2022 13:34

Mayr-Melnhof Group's FY 2021 sales up 21.4 %

The MM Group was able to overall successfully close the financial year 2021, which was characterized by historically unprecedented cost increases...... [mai mult...]

  • Paleţi - Alte ambalaje 
  • martie 10, 2022 12:03

FEFPEB expects turbulence on the pallet market

The war in Ukraine and the EU sanctions will have a major impact on the European pallet market, EPAL predicts. In the Ukraine itself, the production of EPAL Euro pallets has been interrupted in many companies.... [mai mult...]

  • Preţurile pieţei
  • martie 02, 2022 13:06

Brazilian wood product exports rise sharply at the beginning of the year

In January 2022 Brazilian exports of wood-based products (except pulp and paper) increased 52% in value compared to January 2021, from US$254.4 million to US$387.1 million...... [mai mult...]

  • Preţurile pieţei
  • martie 02, 2022 11:06

Russian invasion of Ukraine to impact global wood trade in the upcoming months

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is likely to impact global trade in the coming months. Increased sanctions against trading with Russia and difficulty with financial transactions will probably interrupt and re-direct shipments of forest products throughout the world...... [mai mult...]

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