Ponsse to modernize its global ERP solution

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Ponsse is committed to leveraging technology for operational development and has made an investment in a new global ERP solution.

The successful implementation of the new ERP solution in Ponsse's Swedish and Norwegian subsidiaries is noteworthy. Emphasis has been placed on enhancing the user experience, ensuring that all functions can be accessed worldwide using any device.

According to Miika Soininen, Chief Digital Officer at Ponsse, the new solution has improved customer service in Sweden and Norway, while also simplifying and increasing the efficiency of day-to-day tasks for Ponsse employees. This solution facilitates continuous improvement and provides greater transparency across Ponsse's operations, enabling improved customer service in the future.

The new ERP solution serves multiple purposes, including material and stock management, procurement, sales, deliveries, field work control and maintenance, invoicing, as well as financial management and reporting. Furthermore, it will be utilized for aftersales processes such as spare parts sales and maintenance.

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