Swiss pellet industry feels growing demand

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2020 was another successful year for pellets. 5% more pellets were produced in Switzerland than in the previous year and almost 20% more pellet heating systems were sold.

Domestic production has increased

The pellet industry can be very satisfied with the past year; it was a good year for producers and suppliers of the renewable fuel. With 270,000 tons of pellets, around 5% more were produced in Switzerland than in the previous year. 344,000 tonnes were sold, around 4% more than in 2019. The import of pellets is in line with the previous year; around 76,000 tonnes of pellets were brought to Switzerland from abroad. It is important to emphasize again and again that almost 99% of them come from our direct neighbors Germany, Austria, France and Italy.

Extremely positive sales figures for heaters

The success reports also apply to the sale of pellet heating systems. Over the year, almost 20% more systems were sold here than in the previous year. Systems with outputs between 13 and 20 kW, which are typically used in single-family houses, as well as systems that are used in multi-family houses or buildings with 100 - 350 kW, recorded the highest growth compared to the previous year.

Renewable on the advance

When changing the heating, more and more people are interested in renewable solutions. The demand for oil heating has decreased accordingly. This development is going in the right direction, because our energy future can only be renewable. This not only benefits the environment, but also the homeowners, who have lower heating costs with the renewable fuel wood pellets.

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