TVM Termoventilmec introduces the new technology in extraction and filtration systems

Christian Morasso
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There have been changes in recent years also for the extraction and filtration systems of air used within industrial process, following the reorganisation of production processes themselves where there has been a requirement to have production machinery operating but not all at the same time and not for prolonged periods but only if the machinery is actually running and for the minimum amount of time.

The importance therefore for the extraction systems is no longer a static solution where there was a fixed air flow rate and the consequent fixed consumption of energy, but to have the option of modulating the availability in relation to actual demand, often variable over time, of the process systems.

TVM once again attentive to the environment, the needs of clients and their production systems, as well as to energy savings, thanks to the ongoing activity performed by the R & D department, has applied to their systems a solution that meets the above requirements in the systems of extraction and filtration of air, making them flexible to the changes of instant actual needs depending on the number of applications from which the material will be extracted.

In practice, the air flow in the extraction systems varies automatically according to the actual needs at the time.

Most important, in particular, ensuring that the lowering of the speed of air in the extraction pipes never falls below the minimum threshold, programmable, which allows the material to be transported by air and preventing it from being deposited on the pipes themselves, which would otherwise increase the risk of fire and in the worst case explosion.

The system that is proposed has already been installed and tested on a number of extraction lines to the great satisfaction of end users.

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