Swiss Krono Group and Kronospan sign license-agreements with Välinge

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Välinge announced that both Swiss Krono and Kronospan groups have recently signed long-term agreements with Välinge Innovation, committing to promote Välinge’s 5G® technology worldwide.

Swiss Krono Group and Kronospan Group have both been Välinge licensees since 2005, thereby making sure to remain at the forefront of the flooring technology with Välinge’s continuous innovations.

Both groups, already with significant 5G volumes in the market since many years, have now through their extended agreements committed to more actively promote Välinge’s 5G technology and brand worldwide in their flooring products.

 ”We consider Välinge’s 5G® technology as one of the most sought-after locking systems in the market and therefore plan to increase our volumes. We have learned that 5G is highly demanded by professionals as well as DIY-customers on several markets. With this strategic long-term cooperation with Välinge, we will continue to offer high-quality products to our customers, both from a technical and design perspective,” says Max von Tippelskirch, CSCO of the Swiss Krono Group.

”This agreement means that Kronospan have secured the future license needed to continue with the 5G technology,” says Mr Wolf Harig, who has acted as senior advisor to Kronospan during the negotiations.


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