Voith to acquire stake in Swedish start-up Yangi

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Voith has acquired shares in the sustainability start-up Yangi, headquartered in Varberg, Sweden. Yangi's ground-breaking technology emerges from 10 years of R&D within its sister company, The Loop Factory, which focuses on the megatrends of sustainability and circular economy. As a result, the leading full-line supplier Voith is investing in new, future-oriented technologies to further drive decarbonization in the paper industry.

Yangi has developed a manufacturing process and is pioneering a new technology to produce 3D-formed, cellulose-based packaging. The process is based on dry forming principles in one machine line and enables a cost- and resource-efficient solution that has the potential to replace rigid plastic at scale. Compared to the water- and energy-intensive wet pulp molding process, Yangi's dry forming process uses no water and less energy, resulting in minimized CO2 emissions and 75% less energy consumption. The applications for packaging solutions are diverse and range from cosmetics and beauty products to fresh food, take-away, and consumer goods.


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