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Andritz autonomous logyard cranes in operation at Metsä Fibre

Andritz has delivered two autonomous log yard cranes to Metsä Fiber's Finnish bioproduct mill in Kemi. These have a capacity of 2 x 25 tons each on a crane track with a length of 540 m and a storage capacity of around 120,000 m3.... [mai mult...]

Setra to invest in pellet production in Långshyttan, Sweden

Setra has decided to invest in its own pellet production at the factory in Långshyttan, Sweden. It is a strategic investment to increase the value of bioproducts and will mean reduced transport and CO2 emissions.... [mai mult...]

Xylexpo 2022 in less than a month

Xylexpo 2022 is ready to open from 12-15 October 2022, with 280 exhibitors from Italy and across the world, representing various wood and furniture processing technologies.... [mai mult...]

US hardwood flooring imports improve

US imports of hardwood flooring rose 6% by volume in July, not quite returning to their May peak, but still a hearty 22% higher than the previous July. Imports from Brazil fueled the gain, rising 29% in July. ... [mai mult...]

Vietnamese timber exporters struggle to find new markets

Contrary to full orders at the beginning of the year, Vietnamese wood and wooden furniture enterprises are currently facing many difficulties due to the cancellation of orders by customers because of inflation in countries such as the US and the EU and the sharp increase in input material costs.... [mai mult...]

Sharply declining prospects for European wood joinery sector in the third quarter

Joinery sector activity in the EU27 was still quite high in the first half of 2022; the Eurostat manufacturing index for joinery (excluding flooring) indicated activity during this period at around 15% above the level prevailing in 2019 before the onset of the COVID pandemic. However, prospects for the rest of this year have declined sharply in the third quarter.... [mai mult...]

Sweden: Sveaskog to announce price increase

Sveaskog raises timber prices in Norrbotten and Västerbotten, Sweden. The demand for pulpwood is strong and the price of forest raw materials is increased to strengthen the profitability of forestry.... [mai mult...]

Indonesia: Positive wood product export trend despite downturn in China

Indonesia's wood product exports continue to grow even though the Chinese market is currently weakening due to the country's economic slowdown.... [mai mult...]

Post-pandemic revival in EU joinery manufacturing during 2021

After the dislocation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the performance of the EU27 wood joinery sector was transformed in 2021.... [mai mult...]

US tropical hardwood imports slide, Canadian imports plummet

US imports of sawn tropical hardwood fell for a second straight month. The 23,608 cubic metres imported in July was down 3% from the previous month.... [mai mult...]

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EU Parliament resolutions on forest and wood controversial

The EU Parliament recently voted on numerous initiatives that will have a significant impact on the sawmill and timber industry in the years to come. Among other things, the new EU forest strategy was on the agenda with tailwind for the use of wood.... [ mai mult...]

Raport  PwC: Contribuția totală a sectorului silvic și a industriilor bazate pe lemn a ajuns la 9,86 miliarde euro anual

Raport PwC: Contribuția totală a sectorului silvic și a industriilor bazate pe lemn a ajuns la 9,86 miliarde euro anual

București, septembrie 2022 Contribuția totală a sectorului silvic și a industriilor bazate pe lemn a ajuns la 9,86 miliarde euro anual, considerând atât impactul direct, care a crescut constant în ultimii cinci ani, cât și efectele indirecte și induse, iar potențialul de creștere este ridicat, reiese din raportul ”Impactul socio-economic și climatic al sectorului silvic și al industriilor bazate pe lemn din România”, realizat de PwC România la cererea Asociației Industriei Lemnului - Prolemn. Totodată, acest sector și industriile sale conexe contribuie la bugetul național cu 3,2 miliarde euro, sub formă de venituri fiscale și contribuții de asigurări sociale de sănătate, și susțin peste 330.000 de locuri de muncă direct, indirect și indus.... [ mai mult...]


Plafonarea generalizată a prețului de retail al lemnului de foc la 500 lei/mc

Deși pare absurdă, propunerea de plafonare la 500 lei/mc al prețului de retail al lemnului de foc este practic soluția aflată în analiză la Guvern. Practic unica. În evaluarea mea, ar produce haos în sectorul de exploatare și o penurie acută de lemn de foc în zonele de câmpie, cu deficit de resursă.... [ mai mult...]

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