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  • aprilie 08, 2021 12:21

Chinese imports of wood products to be altered by Russia's log export ban

China is the world's largest importer of softwood and hardwood logs, and for many decades, Russia has been a significant log supplier for them...... [mai mult...]

Preţurile pieţei
  • Preţurile pieţei
  • aprilie 07, 2021 12:17

North American lumber prices remain level

North American benchmark softwood lumber prices did indeed remain flat for the week ending March 19 as customers digested previous orders. However, prices of less-usual grades, sizes, and species did increase...... [mai mult...]

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  • aprilie 07, 2021 11:14

Rise in Ghana's wood product exports

Ghana’s exports of wood and wood products in January 2021 increased in volume to 19,191 cu.m, an almost 5% increase from the 18,318 cu.m exported in January 2020...... [mai mult...]

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  • aprilie 07, 2021 09:12

Significant loss of market share for tropical hardwood plywood in EU

The general view is that the impact of the pandemic on overall EU+UK plywood imports in 2020 was less than anticipated at the start of the health crisis...... [mai mult...]

  • Preţurile pieţei
  • aprilie 06, 2021 10:24

European companies' plywood margins are good, but supply a struggle

The good news from the majority of European hardwood plywood importers interviewed March 2021 was that they were making money. They reported demand ranging from firm to booming across the market, from the construction and DIY sector to merchants and furniture makers...... [mai mult...]

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  • aprilie 06, 2021 09:22

China: Decline in 2020 log imports

According to China Customs, log imports in 2020 totalled 59.20 million cubic metres valued at US$8.415 billion (CIF), a year on year decline of 2% in volume and 11% in value. The average price for imported logs was US$141 (CIF) per cubic metre, down 9% on levels in 2019...... [mai mult...]

  • Construcţii din lemn
  • aprilie 01, 2021 12:38

Japanese housing starts decline further in February

According to data released by the Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transportation and Tourism on Wednesday, March 31, 2021, Japan’s housing starts continued their decline in February...... [mai mult...]

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  • aprilie 01, 2021 10:07

Chinese hardwood log imports fell 17% in 2020

Chinese hardwood log imports in 2020 fell 17% to 12.64 million cubic metres (21% of the national total log imports). The average price for imported hardwood logs in 2020 was US$232 (CIF) per cubic metre, down 6% on 2019..... [mai mult...]

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  • aprilie 01, 2021 10:07

Brazil: Sharp rise in wood product exports in February

In February 2021 Brazilian exports of wood-based products (except pulp and paper) increased 30.5% in value compared to February 2020, from US$216.1 million to US$282.0 million...... [mai mult...]

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  • martie 31, 2021 13:41

Germany's export value of logs and lumber has increased 63% the past five years

The softwood timber harvest in Germany is likely to reach almost 50 million m3 in 2020, about ten million m3 more than a typical year before the spruce bark beetle-infestation in 2018...... [mai mult...]

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