Due diligence

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  • Silvicultură
  • April 27, 2023 12:28

Far-reaching EUDR due diligence requirements

As part of their due diligence (Article 8) , operators will be required to gather information (Article 9), to assess the risk of regulated commodities and products being derived from illegal, deforested ... [mai mult...]

  • Silvicultură
  • September 17, 2015 07:27

Drilling down into due diligence

The Global Timber Forum (GTF) has published an international Supplier and Consumer Due Diligence Analysis which assesses how well companies understand the concept of “due ... [mai mult...]

  • Silvicultură
  • June 21, 2016 08:53

SMEs target of NEPCon due diligence training

According to a report by ETTF, a new pan-EU training programme aims to make EU Timber Regulation (EUTR) due diligence part of the ‘standard way of doing’ business for small to medium sized enterprises ( ... [mai mult...]

  • Special
  • December 14, 2014 06:20

Ghid pentru implementarea unui sistem due-diligence

.  Este un mecanism voluntar, fiecare operator economic se angajeaza la un nivel de bune practici  pe care si-l asuma ,  cu grade  diferite  de incredere  pentru partenerii sai de afaceri / piata: -          Sistem de due ... [mai mult...]

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  • June 08, 2017 07:40

Invitație conferință: SUMAL-Radarul Pădurilor ca bază de certificare a trasabilității provenienței legale- due diligence specific României

reală din sectorul forestier.   Ne propunem ca sistemul SUMAL-Radarul Pădurilor să fie considerat la nivel național și mai ales internațional ca fiind un sistem oficial de certificare a trasabilității- due diligence ... [mai mult...]

  • Silvicultură
  • March 29, 2016 04:32

TTF launches member survey to help improve its due diligence process

The Timber Trade Federation (TTF) has launched a member and stakeholder survey on the Responsible Purchasing Policy (RPP), its due diligence framework, to better aide compliance with legality an ... [mai mult...]

  • Silvicultură
  • April 06, 2017 02:11

Interviu cu dl Ienea Dorian, administrator SC Patac SRL si dl Ionut Timisan- consultant due-diligence

. Mai concret: infiintarea firmei, evidenta contabila, raportari  SUMAL, obtinerea autorizatiei de mediu, obtinerea atestatului forestier, due diligence, etc". Interviu cu dl Ienea Dorian, administrator   ... [mai mult...]

  • Silvicultură
  • January 16, 2013 08:24

EUTR: ETTF presents “due diligence system”

The European timber trade Federation (ETTF) in collaboration with the Danish environmental consulting firm NEPCon developed a “due diligence system” which supports companies meet the requirements compil ... [mai mult...]

  • Silvicultură
  • June 03, 2015 05:39

Metodologia de control pe due-diligence. Operatorii risca sanctiunea interdictiei de exploatare a masei lemnoase

. Autoritatea va mentine si actualiza  in timp real un sistem de evidenta a operatorilor care nu au implementat un sistem due-diligence, carora li se poate aplica o interdictie de exploatare a lemnului pe pic ... [mai mult...]

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  • March 13, 2024 04:50

The European Woodworking Industries express great concern about EUDR

. Indeed, per the EUDR, whether market actors source their commodities from standard risk countries or from high-risk countries, they are facing the same due diligence obligations ... [mai mult...]

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  • March 10, 2013 07:43

Axa Minister- ASFOR: un due-diligence ca un atestat deexploatare-toata lumea se califica

). -         ASFOR- reprezentata prin juristi care gandesc un sistem de due-diligence pentru membrii ASFOR. -         Romsilva-repre ... [mai mult...]

  • Prelucrare primară
  • June 10, 2024 10:04

Lamel Legno: interview in Nantes with the specialist of solid wood panels and profiles

.  Now the new task is to certify also our Due Diligence management with SG and recognize CSRD, our support to carbon removal in the World. F: What is the future of solid wood panels production ... [mai mult...]

  • Silvicultură
  • February 25, 2013 10:11

Proiectul de modificare a HG 996- amenzi pentru due diligence/ Reg european 995/2010

. Implementarea Reg. 995/2010- due diligence. Elaborarea noii  strategii a silviculturii (practic din 2011 silvicultura nu are nici o startegie). aparitia modificarilor Codului Silvic  si a legislatiei ... [mai mult...]

  • Silvicultură
  • July 04, 2023 01:13

EUDR enters into force

. This will include the following activities: definition and development of guidelines and tools to comply with EUDR requirements; the European Commission has decided to set up two working groups (including at least one representative of the timber sector): the "Traceability" group (includ ... [mai mult...]

  • Silvicultură
  • March 01, 2013 11:12

Central/West Africa: Trade satisfied due diligence system will meet the EUTR

. Most large EU importers have taken steps to institute due diligence audit systems with their suppliers. The trade is now waiting to see how the ‘competent authorities’ (the agencies responsible to ov ... [mai mult...]

  • Silvicultură
  • January 26, 2013 01:51

ETTF prezinta sistemul "due diligence" -pentru alinierea la cerintele regulamentului european privind prima plasare a lemnului pe piata

  Federatia Europeana a comerciantilor cu lemn (ETTF) in colaborare cu compania daneza de consultanta in domeniul mediului Nepcon a dezvoltat un sistem de bune practici (due diligence) care ajuta companiile ... [mai mult...]

  • Silvicultură
  • August 26, 2022 10:27

UKCA due to replace CE mark in UK from 1 January 2023

. For construction products this was originally due to take place on 1 January 2022 but the deadline was extended until 1 January 2023 due to the pandemic and because there was a lack of available UK Approved Confo ... [mai mult...]

  • Silvicultură
  • June 07, 2022 01:07

Reduction in EU growth forecast due to conflict in Ukraine

.7% in 2022 and 2.3% in 2023, down from 4.0% and 2.8%, respectively, in the Winter 2022 interim Forecast. Continued growth is due to the combined effect of post-lockdown re-openings of service industries and the strong policy action taken to support growth ... [mai mult...]

  • Silvicultură
  • June 02, 2022 12:13

Reduction in EU growth forecast due to conflict in Ukraine

.7% in 2022 and 2.3% in 2023, down from 4.0% and 2.8%, respectively, in the Winter 2022 interim Forecast. Continued growth is due to the combined effect of post-lockdown re-openings of service industries and the strong policy action taken to support growth ... [mai mult...]

  • Silvicultură
  • April 24, 2023 11:48

EU closing in on new Deforestation Regulation

. On 6 December 2022, the European Council and the European Parliament agreed on the text of the regulation. When implemented, the law will prohibit regulated commodities and derived products from being placed on the EU market unless they can be shown to be “deforestation-free” and “forest degrad ... [mai mult...]

  • Special
  • May 17, 2023 06:02

Draft-ul noului Cod Silvic este pus în dezbatere. Răspunde problemelor din sector?

; României  la  risc ridicat  de proveniență  a lemnului  din  tăieri  ilegale/  activități asociate  degradării  pădurilor  din perspectiva Regulamentului  Deforestation Free,  cu  efectele  negative de  imagine  a ... [mai mult...]

  • Silvicultură
  • June 21, 2023 10:30

Roseburg to cease particleboard plant operation and sell facility

. The transaction is expected to close later this year, pending completion of standard due diligence and regulatory activities. Roseburg acquired the Taylorsville particleboard plant from Georgia-Pacific in 2006 ... [mai mult...]

  • Silvicultură
  • October 28, 2022 12:00

Swiss sawmills complain of lack of raw materials due to heating use

Despite the increasing proportion of hardwood in Swiss forests, the local sawmills are finding it increasingly difficult to obtain logs that can be sawn, since the roundwood is increasingly being used directly to generate heat - whether as wood chips or logs. From the point of view ... [mai mult...]

  • Silvicultură
  • May 28, 2021 12:31

India: Domestic demand collapsed due to pandemic

. India’s exports surged a record to US$30 billion in April 2021. Exports had contracted by over 60% in April 2020 due to the nationwide lockdown and this led to a halt in the manufacturing sector ... [mai mult...]

  • Special
  • January 05, 2023 01:47

EU Council and Parliament strike provisional deal on deforestation-free products regulation

). The provisional agreement sets mandatory due diligence rules for all operators and traders who place, make available or export the following commodities from the EU market: palm oil, beef, timber, coffee, coc ... [mai mult...]