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Tip Fixatori pentru pardoseli


Tip material principal Plastic, PVC, etc…
Volumul 30 Containere 40' pe lună
We produce and supply waterproofing materials.including EPDM waterproofing membrane or roofing membrane,PVC waterproofing membrane,TPO waterproofing membrane.HDPE geomembranes.
For the EPDM waterproofing membrane.EPDM Rubber Waterproofing membranes is a synthetic rubber, synthetic tire blends as the base material, adding reinforcing agents, softeners, antioxidants, curing agents processing aids to promote mixing by kneading, mixing, extrusion, rolling and curing, shaping and other processes can be processed into sheet curling volume of new high elastic waterproof material.
Category: Single, Compound and Reinforced
Thickness: 1.2mm 1.5mm 2.0mm
Width: 1-2m
Length: 10-50m
Besides waterproofing membrane,we also supply PVC waterproofing membrane production line,EPDM waterproofing membrane production line,TPO waterproofing membrane production line,HDPE geomembrane production line.we can supply install and teach you all technology.

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